Major events & func­tions

This will be great!

Photo of a hall of a big event with crowd of people in the lower part and big signs in the upper part of the photo.

Confe­ren­ces, meetings and large events with hundreds of parti­ci­pants: The larger a group, the more perspec­ti­ves, ideas, opini­ons, crea­ti­vity and produc­ti­vity are in the room. denk­mo­dell ensu­res that the format and drama­turgy are right, that all parti­ci­pants are invol­ved and that you leave your event with tangi­ble results.

Photo of a paper popcorn bag from above with crunchy popcorn, halved by a shadowy hand, for example at a large event.

We have the neces­sary expe­ri­ence and are happy to advise you! Among “our” formats are:

  • World Cafés
  • Fish Bowl Discus­sions
  • Future work­shops
  • Profes­sio­nal meetings and confe­ren­ces

“We are impres­sed with the method and the profes­sio­na­lism with which you apply it. The parti­ci­pants clearly enjoyed it and the results are outstan­ding!”

Ruth Erlbeck
GIZ Project Mana­ger “The Urban Nexus” after a Design Thin­king Work­shop with citi­zens of the Phil­ip­pine city of Naga City

Do you have some­thing big coming up?

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