Conflict mode­ra­tion

Conflicts as an oppor­tu­nity

Conflicts are not bad per se: they often offer great oppor­tu­ni­ties to create some­thing new and perhaps even better.

Espe­ci­ally in teams and groups, howe­ver, they are not easy to address. Then we offer neutral mode­ra­tion to really get to the roots of the conflict and find solu­ti­ons.

Photo of denkmodell employees discussing.
With conflict mode­ra­tion by denk­mo­dell you resolve even the stif­fest conflicts

To do this, we work out diffe­ren­ces and commo­n­a­li­ties in a team or group, give ever­yone an equal say and find cons­truc­tive solu­ti­ons.

Our denk­mo­dell faci­li­ta­tors enter these conver­sa­ti­ons with an impar­tial atti­tude and rely on an exten­sive reper­toire of methods to shape the tran­si­tion from conflict to reso­lu­tion.

“I was able to directly apply the contents and methods of the trai­ning in my ever­y­day work and to better prepare myself for nego­tia­ti­ons based on the Harvard model. My colle­agues also bene­fit from the trai­ning, as we now prepare important nego­tia­ti­ons as a team using the Harvard method. An all-around good trai­ning through which some­thing is really diffe­rent the Monday after.”

Martina Maurer
Senior Orga­niza­tio­nal Consul­tant (GIZ GmbH)

You want to “crack” a conflict?

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