Virtual faci­li­ta­tion

“Connec­ting people”: crea­ting results and proxi­mity, also in virtual spaces

You want our working world to work mobile, your projects to remain effi­ci­ent without “zoom fati­gue” – and your employees not to lose cont­act with each other? Virtual faci­li­ta­tion crea­tes results and proxi­mity.

denk­mo­dell supports you:

  • With prac­ti­cal tips and tricks for successful mode­ra­tion
  • With assess­ments of which tech­no­logy fits best and when (and when presence or hybrid formats fit better)
  • Moving and connec­ting people online just as well
  • Under­stand virtual meeting faci­li­ta­tion cycles, drama­turgy, and time manage­ment
  • Leader­ship at a distance: Commu­ni­ca­tion, presence, feed­back and control
  • Mana­ging virtual team­work: estab­li­shing routi­nes and proces­ses

Effec­tive in-house trai­ning

In parti­cu­lar, we offer in-house trai­ning to address your tech­ni­cal requi­re­ments.

Take a look at our demo video to see what is alre­ady possi­ble virtually (in German).

Here we work exem­pla­rily with the two tools Zoom and Mural. Howe­ver, depen­ding on what your orga­niza­tion works with, we can imple­ment inter­ac­tive work­shops just as well with MS Teams, Miro, and other plat­forms.

Would you like to move more confi­dently in virtual office worlds?

We are at your dispo­sal for a non-binding, infor­ma­tive chat!